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The Definition of Branding

The Definition of Branding

Branding – is the activity of crafting an identity and personality that stands out and creates affinity with your audience. This includes crafting everything from a logo to a colour palette, brand usage guidelines, communication style and tone and values all relative to the public/s you wish to appeal to.

Branding is not just your logo or your colour palette. It is not your Brand Identity Manual. Branding is who you are as a brand, company, it is what your products and services represent.

Branding is your face, it is how you dress, it is your personality and how you choose to communicate your values and ideas. Branding makes you more human, more approachable, more real and encourages communication.

To be effective branding has to appeal to a wide range of public and it has to be expressed consistently. Your brand has to come through in all your interactions with customers, leads, suppliers, etc. Your employees must be able to consistently express your brand, your company documents, marketing materials, adverts, vehicles, buildings, everything must express your brand.

The secret to branding success is having fully defined your brand, who it is for and expressing it consistently and continuously.”

Remember, how you envision your brand and how your public sees your brand are two different things. Good branding combined with good marketing and public relations is how you bring your public’s vision of your brand closer to your vision.

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