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#1 Tip to Improve Your Search Rankings

#1 Tip to Improve Your Search Rankings

You can improve your search rankings for your website, eCommerce store, or blog on Google if you follow the right formula. So what is the right formula?

Before I get into the basic search engine formula you need to apply, it is worth looking at how better rankings can benefit you as well as why you should invest in your website, blog or eCommerce store.

Some of the benefits of better search rankings:

  • More visitor traffic
  • More targeted audience
  • Less reliance on paid advertising
  • Increased trust your your target audience
  • The ability to build your own database
  • Run internal advertising campaigns
  • Support social media marketing campaigns
  • Support email marketing campaigns
  • Grow your website, eCommerce store, or blog’s footprint

As you can see there are more than a few benefits gained by improving your search rankings.

The biggest benefit I see is being able to invest in your own online platform and using it as a central hub from which to launch your marketing and public relations campaigns. This puts you in control and reduces your reliance on platforms you have no control over.

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses spend countless hours creating content to post to social media platforms rather than investing in content for their own websites.

When you create content for social platforms you are basically working for them for free and then you pay them for advertising.

If you create content for your own website you can still use it on social platforms but without it disappearing into oblivion.

Your own content can be reused and keep providing value if you are smart and once you build up a steady supply of traffic you can run your own internal adverts and email marketing campaigns that are far cheaper than any social or paid ads.

Right, so let’s look at how you can improve your search rankings and enjoy some of the above benefits.

What Does Google Want in Their Search Rankings?

The simple answer is, Google wants its search results to be trusted. If you get poor results from Google then you will switch to another search engine.

Google would also lose out on huge amounts of ad revenue from their paid ads if people switch search engines.

So quality search results are at the top of Google’s list of wants.

So How Do You Improve Your Search Rankings?

To improve your search rankings you need to create content that your audience values.

If your content meets the needs of your target audience more closely than the content of your competitors then you have a good chance of ranking higher than them and gaining more traffic.

So the first thing you need to do is define who your audience or audiences are.

Then you need to work out what content they value and get to work producing it.

Doing the above is the most important part of doing search engine optimisation and improving your search rankings.

Isn’t There More to the Search Engine Ranking Formula?

The basic formula for improving your search rankings is pretty simple and can be summed up as, ‘write high-quality content that your audience values and Google will reward you.’

You can think of this as the ingredients for a recipe. However, every recipe also has steps for mixing and baking the ingredients to get the final product.

This is where the clever application of the formula comes in.

To cover how to apply this formula effectively requires more than a few articles, perhaps even a workshop. (If a workshop interests you feel free to get in touch and let us know.)

However, it does not mean you shouldn’t write any content. In fact the sooner you start writing the sooner you will start to gain experience that will lead to improvements.

Don’t Have the Time to Create Content?

If you are short on time why not invest in professional content writing aimed at increasing search rankings.

No need to spend hundreds of hours learning about the techniques and strategies that go into writing articles that rank.

Get in touch with SME Rocket today to learn more about our search ranking solutions.

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