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Is Your Marketing Being Sabotaged?

Is Your Marketing Being Sabotaged?

Is your marketing being sabotaged and if so what can you do about it?

If your business is not achieving its sales goals or you seem to be struggling with sales in general then chances are you have a marketing issue.

Marketing and sales are two sides of the same coin, so if you find sales are down then you know that somewhere along the line someone is not doing their job.

Why Would Someone Sabotage My Marketing?

You might be surprised to know that there are people who actively try to destroy. Their activities often go unnoticed because they use underhanded methods and hide what they are up to or they set up others to take the fall.

In businesses, marketing is a key target for people that want you to fail because marketing is vital for the survival of your business.

The basic motivation of those who want you to fail is the fact that they feel threatened by the success of others. This type of person is not someone you want on your team.

It is interesting how most successful people talk about building the right team of people, people with the same mindset and a positive attitude towards building the business.

So make sure you to pick the right team.

Find The Out Points

There are many ways your marketing can be sabotaged.

Here are some examples of what people might say:

  • “Marketing annoys our customers so we should stop sending them emails.”
  • “Marketing is a waste of money and we should cut back on it.”
  • “We don’t really need marketing.”
  • “The economy is bad and so we should cut back on marketing to save money.”

There may be many similar statements made and what you need to know is that none of the above is true.

Here are some examples of what people might do:

  • Fail to send emails on time or send to wrong mailing lists
  • Deliberately use wrong keywords or targeting options in online ad campaigns
  • Lose mailing lists
  • Leave important points out of proposals
  • Deliberately not follow up with clients

There are endless methods people can use to sabotage your marketing and sales.

What Can You Do?

Firstly, you need to be aware that people do make mistakes and sometimes people simply do not know what they are doing and they need to be corrected or trained properly.

So don’t go setting up a firing squad without a thorough investigation into your marketing.

The point of this article is not to get someone fired but to help you identify things that may be stopping or reducing the effectiveness of your marketing.

Secondly, you need to realise that without marketing your business is unlikely to grow and sooner or later it will close.

So anytime someone advocates to either stop or reduce your marketing or there are too many excuses why it is not working you need to take a good look at their motives and reasoning and find out what is being done and what is not being done.

If your marketing campaigns are not working well it does not mean those campaigns should be discontinued, but rather you need to find out why they are not performing well and if they have been set up correctly.

If you have done this and they still don’t work then it may be the wrong tactic or marketing channel for you.

Be sure to understand the definition of marketing as it will also help you determine what is missing or where you may be sabotaged.

Get Professional Marketing Help

If your marketing still seems to be a problem or you just want to get better results then it may be time to hire a professional to audit your marketing efforts and work out the right approach for your business.

Contact SME Rocket today for more information about how we can help you grow your business.

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