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Digital Marketing Online Superstore Launched

Digital Marketing Online Superstore Launched

SME Rocket launches South Africa’s biggest digital marketing online store!

The goal of our new online store is to make it easier for SMEs, Startups, Entrepreneurs and Home-based businesses to find the right website, digital marketing and business growth products.

Packaging our services as products, allows us to standardise product specifications to speed up delivery while making pricing transparent.

A key frustration online, for many people, is answering the question, ‘How much?’. With the continuing growth of eCommerce, it is becoming easier to find pricing and information about products, but services still lag behind making for a slower process. Our new eCommerce store for websites, digital marketing and more, makes getting information and answering the pricing question simple.

Our Digital Marketing Product Catalogue

Our online store catalogue has close to 100 products listed already with hundreds more still to come. Making SME Rocket the largest website and digital marketing online store in the country (that we know of).

We aim to have the widest range of products available, making us a One-Stop shop for all your business promotion needs. Our product catalogue includes:

SME Rocket Memberships

In addition to the widest range of digital marketing products, we have also introduced several membership options which not only include a number of great benefits but also include massive discounts on all products. Click here to view membership plans and benefits.

While our new website is an eCommerce based platform, we’ve still kept more traditional features such as enquiry forms, to make it easier to ask questions or request payment plans or customisations.

In fact, making purchasing products easier and more affordable is also a key motivation for moving to an eCommerce platform and in time we will make payment plans available through the eCommerce system too.

Custom Website Design & Services

So will we still be offering custom website design and eCommerce stores as well as custom marketing campaigns?

The simple answer is yes! While we have not yet added our Agency page detailing these services, they are nonetheless still available.

Existing Client Services

Existing client services will not be affected by the changes to our website and product line-up. In many cases our new product line-ups are modelled on popular services and are thus quite similar. This means existing clients can either stay on their existing service plans or migrate to new compatible products. There are no plans to do away with any legacy services enjoyed by existing clients.

Future Plans

Without getting into any details, there are a number of future products and beneficial initiatives that we are working on for the future. Everything still to come is aimed and aligned towards helping business grow and ultimately Conquer Digital Space™.

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