Pro Website Performance Plan

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Website Performance for Startups & Small Businesses

Pro Website Performance Plan


According to Google, the length of time it takes for your web pages to load has a direct impact on how well it converts. In fact, web page load times are also a major search engine ranking factor. The bottom line is to get more traffic from search engines and to convert more of that traffic into customers you need a website that has fast loading pages.

SME Rocket’s website performance plans are all about decreasing the time it takes for your web pages to load and thus improving your search rankings on Google and your conversions.


What’s included in the Pro Website Performance Plan

(R 497 p/m)

  • Image Optimization (Reduces image file sizes for faster loading)
  • Basic Website Optimizations to speed up page load times including:
    • Improved Asset Loading
    • Optimized DOM Output
    • Improved CSS Loading
  • Lazy Load Images
  • Page Caching
  • GZIP Compression
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Monthly Database Optimization

Compare Website Performance Plans

Essential Website Performance Pro Website Performance Advanced Website Performance Enterprise Website Performance
Image Optimization Basic Basic Premium Premium
Content Delivery Network (CDN) - Yes Yes Yes
Website Optimizations Basic Basic Premium Premium
Improved Asset Loading Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optimized DOM Output Yes Yes Yes Yes
Improved CSS Loading Yes Yes Yes Yes
Page Caching - Yes Yes Yes
GZIP Compression - Yes Yes Yes
Cache Preload - - Yes Yes
Browser Caching - - Yes Yes
Cache Maintenance - - Yes Yes
File Optimization - - Premium Premium
Minify CSS Files - - Yes Yes
Optimize CSS Delivery - - Yes Yes
Minify Javascript Files - - Yes Yes
Load Javascript Deferred - - Yes Yes
Delay Javascript Execution - - Yes Yes
eCommerce Optimization - - Yes Yes
Lazy Load Images Yes Yes Yes Yes
Database Optimization - Monthly Monthly Weekly
Flexbox Containers / CSS Grid - - - Yes
Webpage Layout Optimization - - - Yes
Advanced Mobile Page Optimization - - - Yes
Monthly Fee R 197 p/m R 497 p/m R 997 p/m R 1997 p/m

Member Pricing for Website Performance Plans

* Signed in SME Rocket Members will be shown discounted pricing.

Standard Price
Startup Member
Premium Member
PremiumPlus Member
Essential Website Performance R 197 p/m FREE*
Pro Website Performance R497 p/m – 10% FREE*
Advanced Website Performance R 997 p/m – 10% – 20% FREE*
Enterprise Website Performance R 1997 p/m – 10% – 20% – 35%

* If you are an SME Rocket Member we’ll carry out your website performance optimizations as soon as your website is ready.

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