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Monthly Search Engine Optimization Plan

Local Enterprise – High level SEO plan targeting local areas near to your business


SME Rocket Local SEO Plans are aimed at increasing web page rankings for relevant search terms for websites targeting a local suburb/city audience. Drive traffic from suburbs and areas that are close to your business location. Ideal for businesses whose customers and clients are close by.

Some industries are highly competitive or have strict regulations which can make SEO work more complex and difficult. As such we recommend getting in touch before ordering an SEO Plan to get a website/ industry evaluation or Audit in order to determine the most suitable plan for your needs and goals.

Please Note: SEO Plans can ‘stack’. Meaning, it is possible to target any combination of Local, Provincial, National and International
keywords/target market by combining one or more SEO Plans. Stacked plans are eligible for reduced rates.

SEO results may vary, rankings are under no circumstances guaranteed.

Compare Local SEO Plans

Search Engine Optimization Plan - Local Enterprise
SEO Local Lite SEO Local Pro SEO Local Advanced SEO Local Enterprise
Keyword Research Yes Yes Yes Yes
Content Silo Mapping Yes Yes Yes Yes
Core Keywords 3 5 8 12
LT Keywords 6 10 16 24
Total Keywords 9 15 24 36
Keyword Credit Renewal 6 months 6 months 9 months 12 months
SEO Copywriting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Article Types Pillar, Staple, Response Pillar, Staple, Response Pillar, Staple, Response Pillar, Staple, Response
On-Page SEO Yes Yes Yes Yes
SSO No No Yes Yes
Keyword Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Competitor Scoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rank History No No No Yes
Google My Business Yes Yes Yes Yes
Schema Standard Standard Standard Standard
Google Schema Validation No No No Yes
Sitemap Submission Yes Yes Yes Yes
Track Google Index Status No No No Yes
Image SEO Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Analytics 4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Search Console Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bing Webmaster Tools Yes Yes Yes Yes
404 Monitor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Redirections Yes Yes Yes Yes
Orphan Page Detection No No No Yes
Page Speed Monitoring No No No Yes
Core Web Vitals Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Broken Link Monitor No No Yes Yes
Link Counter Yes Yes Yes Yes
NAP Syndication No No No Yes
Backlinking Organic Organic Organic Organic
Google Penalty Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Reports Yes - Basic Yes - Basic Yes - Basic Yes - Advanced
E-E-A-T Strategy No No Add-on (From R995 p/m) Add-on (From R995 p/m)
Monthly Fee R3,995.00 R5,995.00 R8,495.00 R12,995.00
Search Engine Optimization FAQs

Frequently Ask Questions

Got questions about search engine optimization? Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our SEO plans and SEO in general. If your question is not listed below please get in touch and we’ll do our best to answer you.

Each SEO Plan optimizes for a specific number of keywords. Plans with fewer keywords carry out the optimization faster and larger plans with lots of keywords take longer.


'Keyword Credit Renewals' indicate how long it takes to carry out the optimization of the keywords in a plan and once this is done a new set of keywords can then be targeted.


For example, a Local Lite Plan has a 'KCR' of 6 months. After this time, a new set of keywords will be selected and then worked on for then next 6 months.


This way your website is continually optimized for new keywords that can bring in relevant traffic and you get a cumulative traffic build up.

It typically take Google 3 - 5 months to index and then rank new content.


While it is possible to have new content indexed within a few weeks, it take a lot longer for Google to user test the content and determine where it should go in the search results.


For this reason we recommend SEO Plans run a minimum of 6 months to allow for Google to fully index and rank new content.


Once content is ranked we can evaluate what, if any, additional optimizations are needed to maximize the ranking before moving onto new keyword topics.

Some content has longer life expectancy than other content. This also differs from industry to industry and how competitive it is.


The more completion there is the more you will need to work on your search engine optimization to keep up and ideally stay ahead of your competitors.


In other industries you can optimize for a number of keyword topics and then not worry about any further optimization for many months.


 Additionally, some content stays relevant for years while topics such as news articles tend to have only short periods of relevance.

It is not possible to guarantee search engine rankings.


There are around 200 ranking factors that Google uses to determine a webpage's SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking and how Google actually determines the rank is a secret.


Thus, one has to optimize as well as one can and then measure and evaluate results in order to make further improvements.


One also has to remember that one's competitors are often engaged in optimization too and so SEO becomes a never ending race where rankings get traded up and down over time.

SEO Plan Pricing Comparison

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Standard Price
Startup Member
Premium Member
PremiumPlus Member
SEO Plan – Local Enterprise R 12995 – 10% – 20% – 35%


Make Payment Online

SME Rocket accepts online payments through our eCommerce system using the Yoco Payment Gateway (PayFast Gateway coming soon). Payments are secured with an encrypted connection.

Please note: Payment for monthly services work as follows:

(We are currently testing a subscription payment system that we will make available as an option when ready. This will automatically debit your credit/debit card for monthly services. Cancellations on this system will be applied instantly.)

Pay using a Payment Plan

Our Payment Plans work in the same way as a Lay-By and are interest free. Payments for once-off products and services can be split over 2 or 3 months. The product or service will be delivered after final payment has been made. To request a Payment Plan please contact .

Please note: Payment plans are NOT available for monthly services. Products and services that are less than R 5000 in value do not qualify for a payment plan.


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Search Engine Optimization Plan - Local EnterpriseSearch Engine Optimization Plan – Local Enterprise
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