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What it Means to Be a Professional Entrepreneur

What it Means to Be a Professional Entrepreneur

Are you a professional entrepreneur? Have you ever defined what it is to be a professional?

I am talking here about being a professional, not in the sense of one’s professional occupation but the mindset of a professional.

Anyone who calls themselves a professional had better cultivate a certain mindset and as a professional entrepreneur, this goes doubly.

Okay, so let’s take a look at what it means to be a professional entrepreneur or a professional in anything really.

The Mindset of a Professional Entrepreneur

To be a professional entrepreneur or a professional in any sphere of life, whether related to your work or even how you run your home there is a certain mindset at work.

Professionals produce results. The products they create are excellent. The services they deliver are high quality, when they take on any project really, they do it to the best of their ability.

In order to produce something of value or produce an intended result, you have to have the right mindset.

There are three key things that separate professional entrepreneurs from regular entrepreneurs. The same goes for a professional plumber, babysitter, architect, sportsperson, artist and anyone who wishes to rise above the average.

1. A Professional Wants to Produce Results

The first thing that separates a professional entrepreneur from the average entrepreneur is the Quality Mindset. Professional entrepreneurs are trying to achieve something, they want to get something done.

If they want to produce a product they want it to do exactly what it ought to do. A product that can only do 50% of its intended purpose is not a product and will never be exchangeable with society.

A professional entrepreneur who wants to deliver a service will go out of his or her way to ensure that the service delivers the intended results.

True professionals have high standards, they do not accept poor results and this includes their approach to learning.

2. A Professional Studies the Techniques of their Craft

A professional entrepreneur is continually studying to improve their craft and they cultivate a Learning Mindset. Anyone with a professional attitude who wants to produce results from what they are studying will hold themselves and others to high standards.

Looking out into society it is not hard to see a lack of professional attitude. Schooling systems seem to be particularly lacking in this area with a resultant rise in poor standards and even worse attitudes towards work and production.

True professionals are always learning. They study the techniques and tools of their craft continuously and always try to improve their product, business, knowledge, scene, the world etc.

Professionals also make sure they know the rules of the game they play and how the field of play is arranged.

3. A Professional Only Looks for What Works

The definitive trait that separates a professional entrepreneur from an average entrepreneur is the Visionary Mindset.

The Visionary Mindset looks at the condition or scene of something and ignores what is wrong and finds what is right.

A professional entrepreneur will envision an ideal scene for their product, business or the area they wish to change.

An ideal scene is a vision of something as it would look if it were perfect.

If you know what something should look like if it were perfect you can instantly spot anything that is not perfect and remove or fix it. If you continually remove anything that is non-optimum you will eventually achieve the product or results which you intend.

Becoming a Professional Entrepreneur

To sum up, the professional entrepreneur continually cultivates three characteristics:

  • The Quality Mindset – looks to ever greater quality and standards of result or work.
  • The Learning Mindset – continually seeks to increase knowledge and understanding.
  • The Visionary Mindset – envisions the perfect scene, product or outcome they wish to achieve and removes anything non-optimum to move closer to that scene.

Are you ready to commit to being a Professional Entrepreneur?

Image Credit: Dellon Thomas from Pixabay

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