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How to Predict the Future and Achieve Your Dreams

How to Predict the Future and Achieve Your Dreams

Would you like to achieve your dreams of building a super successful business?

Do you think being able to predict the future would help you do this?

Now I know what you are thinking, you don’t think it is possible to predict the future! Well, actually it is possible, just not in the way most people think. And certainly not by visiting your local fortune teller.

So before we get into the mechanics of predicting the future to help you achieve your dreams it is worth taking a look at what the future is.

What is the Future?

The Past

The past is made up of all the events and activities that have already happened and cannot be undone.

The Present

The present is the events and activities that are happening at this very moment and which you have, within your sphere of influence and action, the ability to shape and control.

The Future is a postulate of what can or will be.

Postulate – suggest or assume the existence, fact, or truth of (something) as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or belief. “his theory postulated a rotatory movement for hurricanes”

Definition from Oxford Languages

How Do You Predict the Future and Achieve Your Dreams?

The first thing you may realise is the future is ever-changing and everyone has a different view or postulate of the future. How then do you predict something that keeps changing and is influenced by others?

Envision the Future

The first thing you have to do is decide on the future you want to see and experience. You have to postulate your future. What will it look like? What does your dream business look like in the future? How many staff does it have, how many clients does it serve, who are your clients, where are your offices, how much revenue does your business earn?

The more detailed and clear your postulated future the better.

Influence the Future

It is one thing to envision the future but without action, it will not come into existence.

Everyone influences the future by their actions or lack of action.

Those who are unwilling to take action, those who sit on the sidelines and hope things will change or get better or that life will hand them a winning Lotto ticket have little to no influence on their future and will live life in the futures created by others.

Entrepreneurs that live their dreams create their future through their actions.

Predict the Future

You can predict your future by your willingness to take action, the persistence of your actions and how close your actions are aligned to the future you have postulated.

If you postulate building a billion-dollar business but you only get out of bed by 10 am and work for 5 hours a day you can quite accurately predict that you will never have that future.

If however, you work from 5 am – 9 pm every day, and you find the right clients, and you work consistently and continuously on the steps you have planned then the future you have postulated may just come into being.

The future is a blueprint in your mind that is built through each planned action you take in the present and is predictable in ratio to the amount of effort you exert and the accuracy of your planning.

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