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The Arena of Life, Fear of Failure & Leaving Your Comfort Zone

The Arena of Life, Fear of Failure & Leaving Your Comfort Zone

We are all players in the Arena of Life and life is meant to be lived not shied away from.

If you want to be an entrepreneur then you have to be willing to be active in the Arena of Life. You must be able to leave your comfort zone and get over your fear of failure. Of course, it is easier said than done but the fact remains, that nothing worth achieving is ever easy and nothing that is easy ever leads to a real sense of achievement.

The most successful entrepreneurs failed more times than they succeeded. Success would not be success if you didn’t fail along the way.

Life does not reward those that sit on the sidelines. Comfort zones are really not comfortable places for very long because sooner or later life is going to kick you in the teeth for not playing the game.

You cannot avoid playing the game because you fear failing. You cannot stay in bed because it seems more comfortable than getting up and working.

Anything you try to avoid or are unwilling to confront inevitably becomes your master.

Fear and comfort lead to slavery because they demand that you stop doing, that you stop communicating and thus your life shrinks and your freedom disappears.

Life is about doing and the real joys in life are not the successes and achievements but the actions taken to overcome the obstacles in the path and the great people you meet along the way or help as you travel towards success.

Those that try to instil fear and reduce your willingness to do by making the world seem scary or by making a life of comfort and leisure seem like the only goal worth achieving are miserable and scared themselves. Stop listening to them. Do something and live life with courage!

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