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5 Amazing Lead Opportunities You Are Probably Missing Out On

5 Amazing Lead Opportunities You Are Probably Missing Out On

How Many Lead Opportunities Have You Missed?

Do you want more lead opportunities? Dumb question right?

Yet so many businesses are missing lead opportunities all the time!

Let’s face it, we all want to increase our sales which means we need to have as many lead opportunities as possible.

An overflowing lead funnel means no longer panicking when the ‘one’ lead you got this week turns out to be a time-waster.

Imagine you had so many leads it was impossible to reply to them all and you ended up wasting many of them. I don’t know of a business that would not want this type of problem.

But how do you get your lead funnel to overflow with lead opportunities that force you to hire more sales staff?

Expanding Your Lead Funnel

An overflowing lead funnel gives you an overflowing sales funnel which gives you a nice and full sales pipeline.

So how do you expand your lead funnel?

The simple answer, is you reach more eyeballs. You get in front of more of your target publics and you attract or drive them into your lead funnel.

Of course, this is probably what you are already trying to do with such things as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Facebook Group Posts, and connecting with people on social media.

But are there other lead opportunities that you may be missing out on?

Here are 5 additional sources of leads you may not be fully utilising… note: 3,4, and 5 work together and are the key to consistent long term growth and prosperity.

1. Increase Your Local Market Visibility!

Does your business have a Google Business Profile?

Stand out on Google with a free Business Profile
Google My Business

If it doesn’t, you are missing out on being found by people who are in, or looking for service providers, in your location.

Google’s Business Profile’s aim to help connect businesses with prospects in and around their location.

Every day people Google thousands of products and services. Google then provides Search Results and Map Results. If you don’t appear on these results then you are missing out on hundreds, if not thousands, of views each month.

Google Business Profiles have a number of useful options including the ability to:

  • List Your Business Information
  • List Your Products
  • List Your Services
  • Create Posts
  • Upload Images
  • Display Customer Reviews & Ratings
  • Plus more…

The more posts and photos you upload on Google Business Profile the more visibility you gain. Best of all, Google Business Profiles are FREE!

Need help setting up and maintaining your Google Business Profile? Get in touch with SME Rocket today!

2. Want to Get Local Lead Opportunities in Your Inbox Every Day?

Snupit offers some interesting lead opportunities depending on what industry you operate in.

Find local professionals for just about anything.

Snupit lets you set up a free business profile and then sends you leads every single day.

The catch is, if you wish to respond to a lead then you have to purchase credits to spend. The credit amount varies according to the lead category.

Depending on your business, this ‘buying leads’ model could actually work out quite cost-effective. It is not going to be right for every business but it might be right for you and worth giving a try.

3. Scale Your Communications With This Under-utilized Tool

Your website is the most under-utilized communication tool you have. It also happens to be one of your most powerful and effective communication devices.

Websites - Your most under-utilized communication tool.

It is time you started to use your website more effectively. If you have a website but don’t use it then you most likely have wasted your money.

You value your smartphone because you send and receive communications, and it looks cool and it is promoted as a must-have and you, like most people, are trying to keep up with your friends or neighbours.

Your website is also capable of sending and receiving communications, it can also look cool, it is often promoted at a business must-have and it can actually make you more money than it costs to buy. Yet websites these days are typically undervalued and sold way too cheaply.

What is the big difference?

Your website can send and receive communications 24/7/365 and it can do it to not one, not two but hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of people all at once.

So why have you not been using your website more than your phone?

Time for an analogy…

Think of your smartphone as a sports car. It is fast, looks great and turns heads, and costs you an arm and a leg and you can fill your passenger seat quickly and communicate to someone.

Now think of your website as an ocean liner. It takes rather a long time to get everyone on board, but as long as you provide quality activities those people are going to stay and this means you will have many many more people to communicate with.

As a business, your ability to communicate to your target market determines your ability to sell and get paid.

Do you think you are going to get paid more by attracting one or two passengers in a sports car or hundreds of passengers in an ocean liner?

Every time you create and publish great content on your website, you are adding something that has the potential to attract and communicate with many people at once. If you are smart about what kind of content you create it will also have value long into the future.

While it may take a long time to load your website with content, eventually it adds up and increases your ability to reach more and more people.

So what do you do once you start to reach more people?

The quality and price of websites vary dramatically. But there are sweet spots where high-quality and fair prices meet. Take a look at our high-quality and affordable website design packages.

4. How To Consistently Increase Your Lead Opportunities

Once you start to build steady traffic to your website, it is important to be able to get as much value out of that traffic.

The way you get value from your traffic is by giving value to your traffic.

People who visit your website are looking for information, answers, and solutions. You may have provided some of this is your content but you should provide even more through downloadable resources, high-quality emails, videos, courses, and other content that can only be accessed by visitors who give you something in return.

You give valuable information to your visitors it is only fair that in exchange, your visitors give you something of value too, their email address.

By collecting emails from your visitors you are then able to communicate with them on a regular basis.

So why would you want to email people?

5. The #1 Secret to High Gross Income!

The size of your mailing list and the frequency of your communication to this list determine your gross income and how high it can potentially go.

A website combined with email is the most valuable and cost-effective communication tool you have besides word of mouth.

There is, of course, a right way and a wrong way to use email. Collecting random email addresses and then sending masses of emails that are not relevant, add no value and try to sell you on something you’ve never heard of is not the right approach.

Getting an agreement to send emails is the right approach and it also happens to be the legal approach. Factually, permission-based emails also result in more leads and sales than unwanted spammy emails do.

Now the point of this article is not to explain the nitty-gritty of how to use each of the lead opportunities mentioned. Rather it is to bring your attention to them so that you can take further steps to find out how to get them implemented and then go ahead and make it happen.

Do you want to know more about the above lead opportunities and how they can be implemented and benefit your business?

Then get in touch with SME Rocket. We would love to learn more about your business and its expansion goals and help you to achieve them.

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