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11 Things a Quality Website Design Should Include

11 Things a Quality Website Design Should Include

A quality website design focuses on usability and quality content. It is important to ensure that your visitors can easily find the product and service information they are looking for when visiting your website.

A Quality Website Design Should Have Consistent Brand Integration

To be recognizable and attract attention, it is essential that your branding is on point.

A professional website design for small business must have consistent branding that creates a positive and long lasting impression.

The power of good branding should not be underestimated when it comes to building trust and recognition. 

Mobile Responsive Website Design For Multi-Device Visitor Access

In today’s Digital Age your customers and prospects use a wide range of devices to access the Internet.

A user journey from awareness of your business to interest in your services to reaching out to do business is often done across multiple devices.

Your small business website needs to be compatible with common mobile devices as well as tablets and desktop. 

Your Small Business Content Should Be Optimised For Google

Another vital component of good websites is to be search engine friendly, especially Google friendly.

The way to do this is to focus on the needs of your visitors as this is what Google is looking for.

A quality website design focuses on usability and thus searchability.

Website Navigation Makes It Easy For Your Visitors To Find Information

A quality website design for SMEs that focuses on usability will have to have a clear and easy to use navigation structure.

Website navigation starts with information architecture, this is a fancy way of saying you need to make a list of all the webpages you want on your website.

Your webpages should also be grouped into related content and a hierarchy if needed.

The key is to think logically about your information. If you have a ‘Services’ overview webpage then logically any individual services pages should be group together with this main services page.

Having a website that has easy to use navigation will make the user experience easier for your visitors and often lead to more page views which is a good usability signal to Google and important for ranking.

Quality Content Is Essential For Your Website

It may be a cliché, but Content is still King and it is important to understand that a website design for small business or any other business, in simple terms, is really just a frame for your content.

Your content, like a painting, is what is really important and where you want your visitors to focus their attention.

A good frame or website supports the communication of its contents without being distracting. A website design is only as good as its content, and by content we mean the text and images that make up each webpage.

Need help creating better content for your visitors and search engines? We can help.

Make An Impact With A Strong About Us Page

A strong ‘About Us’ page can turn a prospect into a client.

Building a relationship with someone requires that they get to know you. What is your purpose, your mission, your vision? What are your values, your culture? What is your backstory or the journey you have taken that has made you into the company you are today? What is it that you do that can add value to your client or their business?

A well written about page helps potential clients find common ground and relate to you. It makes you real and builds trust.

Images of your offices, team members, successes, etc, can all add up to a great about us page.

Your Services Must Communicate Value & Benefits

When it comes to presenting your products and services, it is important to be clear about what you offer.

Do not use jargon and be sure to focus on the benefits of each service.

Use an overview web page to present all your services and then link to individual webpages for each service to allow your visitors to explore each service in more detail if they wish to.

Want More Clients? Make Sure You Are Easy To Contact

If you are investing in a quality website design for your business then naturally, you want people to be able to contact you.

This is best done by using multiple contact methods and ensuring contact details are highly visible on every webpage on your website.

Client Testimonials Provide Proof Of Good Service

Adding client testimonials to your website is a great way to build trust.

Using testimonials, case studies and success stories to demonstrate quality service delivery shows that you are confident about delivering on your service promises. Trust is important in any business, in a small business, trust is even more important.

Make sure your website design incorporates testimonials, it is an important step to increasing lead conversions.

High Quality Images & Graphics Communicate Quality And Standards

The quality of your images and graphics you use on your website affects how your visitors perceive your business.

Low quality images can create the perception of low quality services or lack of professionalism.

A good quality business or startup website will include images that are of good quality and that support your message.

Build Trust By Displaying Your Affiliations & Partners

You are often known by the company you keep.

As a small business, you will no doubt belong to a membership associations or have product or technology partners. It is important that when choosing a website design for small business package, your affiliations are displayed. 

To enhance your own image, it is important to position yourself with leaders in your industry. This is a basic public relations technique which can be used to great effect to build trust without your visitors.

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