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Professional Headshot Photos – 4 Reasons You Need Them!

Professional Headshot Photos - 4 Reasons You Need Them!

What Do You Want Your Headshot Photos To Say About You?

Today your headshot photo on your social network profiles matters more than ever!

If you are actively promoting yourself, your business, or the products and services of the company you work for on social media, then your headshot is important.

Your profile image is going to be one of the first things new connections, friends, fans, and followers notice.

We’ve all seen terrible profile images and we’ve all seen fantastic profile images. Which ones do you trust more?

When it comes to selling, your prospect has to buy you before they buy your products and services. Thus, the need for a professional headshot photo starts to become more apparent.

What Should Your Headshot Photo Say About You?

If you want to grow your connections and make sales online then you need to make a great first impression!

A poor-quality headshot seldom leaves a good impression and at worst makes people wonder about the professionalism and quality of your products or services.

A great headshot photo should do the following:

  • It should be attention-grabbing! That is to say, it makes people stop and take notice. The first thing you have to do online to gain more connections or sales prospects is to get someones attention.
  • Show that you are confident! Confidence leads to sales. No one buys from someone who isn’t confident about their product or services. There are certain facial signals that convey a sense of confidence, we are practised and helping you to make the right expressions.
  • Be approachable! Have you ever seen a grumpy, bored, or awkward looking person and felt a desire to speak to them? Probably not. These are not indicators of approachability.
  • Make you look like a Pro! We all want to be connected and do business with professionals. Why settle for anything less.

Even if you are self-conscious, a bit shy or hate having your photo taken, with a little direction and coaching we’ll not only help you relax but help you achieve an approachable friendly look to your headshot photos.

So to sum up the qualities of a professional headshot photo…

Attention-Grabbing – Confident – Approachable – Professional

How to Get The Most Out Of a Professional Headshot Photo

There are a few things you can do to get the most out of your new professional headshot photos.

  1. Make sure you upload your new headshots to all your social profiles and pages. You can use a different headshot for different networks as pro headshots should be fairly consistent even if your expression changes a little here and there. Or just stick with your favourite headshot.
  2. Get new business cards. How many times have you received a business card but been unable to put a face to the name months later? Business cards with a face leave a more personal impression and allow people to recognise you far more easily. So make your business card stand out more by putting your headshot on it.
  3. Add your headshot to your email footer. Email is a powerful means of promotion, having a headshot in your email footer allows people to make a more personal connection with you. It makes you seem more real.
  4. If you are building a personal brand, make sure your bio includes your headshot. Your face is like a logo and should be seen regularly.
  5. If you are an estate agent then adding your new headshot to your print promo is a must. While this may seem obvious, I’ve seen many agent boards and signs that have no photo.
  6. If you are putting together a new CV make sure includes your new pro headshot photo. This will help you stand out more.

In short, if you are in sales or any profession where you need to build trust, such as the medical profession or other personal services, then you need to make your headshot photos a key part of your marketing and promotional strategy.

Main Image Credit: by John Harper from Pixabay

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